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Friday, March 20, 2015

Drop by any time between NOON and 10 P.M. (or the end of the final game)
CenturyLink Center Ballroom

Join us for a GREAT party, hosted in the center of the Basketball Tournament action!

Tickets to the games or not, you and your guests can enjoy complimentary cocktails,
food, games and music (the Prairie Gators will play during happy hour)—all while
watching the games on big screen TVs! Pop in between games, for lunch, happy hour
or dinner—or just stay all day.

Be sure to enter your name for a chance to win one of several prizes.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to let us know if you plan on dropping by! Bring your friends and family, too!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What can I expect at the Hoopla?
A. The Baird Holm Hoopla is intended to be a day of fun. Whether or not you plan on attending a game, we hope you’ll join us to watch all of the tournament’s basketball games on big screen TVs, network, eat, drink and simply relax. There will be live music during Happy Hour, awesome prize drawings, and family-friendly games for everyone.

Q. Where is the Hoopla?
A. The Hoopla is on the 2nd floor of the CenturyLink Conference Center, just outside of the Arena doors, near the walkway to the Hilton Hotel.

Q. Where do I park?
A. Refer to the CenturyLink Center for a detailed description of parking options.

Q. Can I come and go as I please?
A. Certainly—our party will be open to you from noon through the end of the final game. However, if you have basketball game tickets to sessions 1, 2 or both—it’s very important to note NCAA rules will not allow you to be readmitted if you leave before the end of the second game of each session. These are not our rules—and we don’t like them either. All the more reason to stay and hang out with us!

Q. What time are the games?
A. The tournament is broken down into sessions, and each session includes two games. On Friday, March 20, there are two sessions—the first beginning at or around 11:30 to 12:30 p.m., with the second game beginning between 2 and 3 p.m. The arena (just where the games are played – not where our party is located) is emptied after the end of the 2nd game of the first session. Then, there is a break until the second session begins at or around 6:30 or 7 p.m.

Q. Who can I bring?
A. You have been invited to our Hoopla as a way for us to thank you for being a client, friend or family member. You are welcome to bring your family members or other business partners who you think might enjoy a day of complimentary drinks and food, hosted by a group of great attorneys. All that we ask is you let us know here if you plan to come, and how many people you think you’ll have in tow. This will help our Marketing department ensure there’s enough food and drink for everyone all day long.

Q. What if I get hungry during the Hoopla?
A. We will have many food options available to please even the pickiest of eaters. Of course, you can expect standard “game day” food like hotdogs, nachos, and popcorn, but you’ll also have several additional sandwich and snack options. You won’t leave the party hungry!

Q. Do I need tickets to one of the basketball games to come?
A. Nope. You don’t even need to be a basketball fan to join us! Just come in through the CenturyLink Conference Center doors (north of the arena doors), and head up to the second floor where you’ll see signs pointing you in our direction.

Q. What is the name of the band? When will they play?
A. The Prairie Gators will play during the Happy Hour period between the two basketball game sessions. They describe themselves as “Omaha’s Cajun music connection,” and they are a lot of fun. We’re planning for them to start at around 4 p.m. and play until the first game of the second session starts.

Q. Do I need to be present to win one of the prize drawings?
A. No. We will draw the prizes and notify the winners via email or telephone. We can work out delivery details when we give you the good news.


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