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Best Places to Work in Omaha




What is the Best Places to Work in Omaha® initiative?

The Best Places to Work in Omaha® initiative is an annual program created by Baird Holm LLP which provides the opportunity for local employers of all sizes to learn more about the engagement and satisfaction of their employees through an online employee survey. Research has shown that engaged employees tend to stay with their employers longer, serve customers more effectively, and help contribute toward a more profitable company. Survey questions inquire about several aspects of their workplace, including morale, environment, satisfaction and opportunities, management and co-workers.

Each participating employer will receive customized survey results which provide important feedback to help determine necessary improvements, adjustments and strengths. Additionally, companies with 25 or more employees will be entered into a competition with other local employers to be recognized as one of the "Best Places to Work in Omaha." The top five companies within two categories (25-200 employees; more than 200 employees) will be selected based on their employees' responses.  Awards are presented at a luncheon recognizing all of the winning employers. 

Baird Holm LLP founded Best Places to Work in Omaha in 2003 as a way to publicly recognize extraordinary employers and to incent others to follow. Great employers are essential to being a great city, and the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce shows its commitment as a sponsor of this program. The survey is administered and feedback is provided by Quantum Workplace. This esteemed award is a source of pride for the winners, and can also be used in both marketing and recruiting efforts. View past winners here.

  • View a sample of the survey here.

  • View report information here.

How will survey information be collected?

Employees receive a confidential email inviting them to complete the survey via a secure website. It will take less than fifteen minutes for them to complete. Employees may be eligible to receive a paper survey if they do not have Internet access.

Can an employee take the survey more than once?

It is important that each employee complete only one survey. The employee should be encouraged to read each item carefully and respond thoughtfully. If misconduct is discovered, including evidence that employees have taken the survey multiple times, the company will be disqualified.

Will my IT staff have to provide any special support so that my employees can participate?

To ensure email deliverability to your employees, Quantum Workplace has created an Email Delivery Guide, which contains helpful information for your IT team.

What information will I receive if I participate?

Employers receive the results of their organization as well as comparative information from other participating companies. You will also have the opportunity for a one-on-one consultation with a Workplace Engagement Consultant from Quantum, who has expertise in employee engagement and the Quantum Workplace survey.

Will information from my company be confidential?

Absolutely. Quantum Workplace has worked with Best Places to Work programs in more than 40 metro areas and has earned a reputation for professional, confidential service.

When will the survey information be collected and when will I receive results?

Survey data will be collected in January and results will be reported to each company in late February. Winners will be publicly recognized at a luncheon event founded by Baird Holm LLP and sponsored by the Greater Omaha Chamber.

I don't have 25 employees in my company. Can I still participate?

Certainly. Your company will not be eligible for the two awards that will be offered, but you will still receive reports showing your company results as well as the comparative data from the Omaha area. This is a tremendous value for a small company.

Is this an annual event?

Yes. The survey is offered annually to provide organizations a yearly assessment of employee engagement.

Will I know who the other participating companies are, and will other companies know the results of my company?

Only the winners in the small/medium and large business categories are publicly announced. Employers who are not recognized are not disclosed. Many companies know they may have concerns around employee satisfaction, and use the Best Places to Work in Omaha initiative as an opportunity to gauge what they need to do to create a better place to work. All participating companies are "winners" if they thoughtfully consider the results of their surveys and take action to move their company forward.

What are the standard fees for participating?

For companies with fewer than 200 employees, the fee is $750. For those larger than 200 employees, the fee is $1000. You will receive a $50 discount to participate if you are a current member of the Greater Omaha Chamber. This does not include participation in the Best Places to Work in Omaha luncheon, which is $40 per person. (Each winning company receives one complimentary ticket to the luncheon.)

Can I buy benchmarking data from other communities and/or from organizations in my industry?

Yes. Additional reports and consultations beyond local results are available for an additional fee through Quantum Workplace.

I have additional employees outside of Omaha whom I'd like to survey. Can this be done?

Yes. Please contact Cassie Neary at Quantum Workplace at 402-408-4162 to quote a fee to conduct the survey for additional employees beyond the Omaha area.

Another Award Opportunity:

Best Places to Work in Omaha for the Advancement of Women Award

Baird Holm LLP and the Institute for Career Advancement Needs (ICAN) will also present an award to honor an Omaha company that promotes the advancement of women in the workplace; this award is an extension of the Best Places to Work initiative. All companies participating in the Best Places to Work survey will have an opportunity to compete for this award. Winners are determined based on the answers to key questions in the survey that serve as indicators of excellence in this area.

The Best Places to Work for the Advancement of Women award will be presented at the ICAN Women's Leadership Conference, in Omaha.

Additional Questions?

For questions about the event, please contact Sarah Morris at Baird Holm LLP at 402-636-8356 or Scott S. Moore at Baird Holm LLP at 402-636-8315.



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