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Baird Holm’s summer associates program allows qualified law students the opportunity to sample the full spectrum of our legal work and become acquainted with members of the firm on both a personal and professional basis. We provide opportunities for direct contact with clients, active participation in client matters, and legal research and drafting. Summer associates are not specifically assigned to a practice group and usually find that they have an opportunity to work with attorneys in most, if not all, of the practice sections.


Each summer, Baird Holm employs a number of first and second year law students from different schools. Below are some responses from recent summer associates about their experiences.

Describe the interviewing process with Baird Holm.
“It was a very relaxed and easy-going interview. It was very organized, informative, and all my questions were answered quite honestly. I was introduced to everyone, lawyers and support staff, and we had a wonderful lunch that was not just business, but social as well. I got a really good picture of the firm’s personality.”

“At Baird Holm, when the interviewee meets several people throughout the office, it gives him/her a chance to really understand the firm and its attorneys. At other interviews I only met three or four people, which makes it difficult for both sides to make the right decision. The process used by Baird Holm is more open and fair for all involved.”

What is the atmosphere like at Baird Holm?
“It is a true teamwork atmosphere. You are treated as an equal from the first day. The people at Baird take a true interest in you as a person as well as a colleague. It was a truly enjoyable summer.”

“Baird Holm’s atmosphere is professional, yet relaxed. While attorneys take their work very seriously, they remain personable and approachable.”

What do you perceive to be the work ethic at Baird Holm?
“I am proud to associate myself with Baird and the work of its people. Baird demands high quality, efficient, and ethical work products. It is not a firm that will cut ethical corners in order to make a buck.”

“Baird Holm’s attorneys are intensely professional. On your first day as an associate you will notice the premium is placed on client service and on producing a quality work product…a summer associate is never expected to sacrifice quality for quantity. The attorneys understand that law students have limited experience and are learning each new area of law as they work.”

Describe what you most liked about Baird Holm.
“The people are what make Baird Holm a wonderful place to work.”

“The work is vast and interesting; it provided exposure to every aspect of being a lawyer.”

Describe the Summer Associate Program at Baird Holm.
“It was a very rewarding experience. Help is available from any attorney, but I was given a great deal of responsibility. Every section provided me with work at various levels of each project. I have stayed with several projects through many stages, so I was able to get a sense of “how it all fits together.” It was not too intensive, but intensive enough to provide realistic view of what a lawyer is and does and how an associate’s life would be at Baird Holm.”

Did you get to work with a lot of attorneys?
“I got to work with several attorneys from each section, and those I didn’t work with directly, I was still able to have a conversation with them. I feel like I know most attorneys on some sort of professional and personal level.”

What was the mentoring program like for Summer Associates?
“I thought that being paired up with an associate and a partner was very valuable, because it provided me with someone to whom I could go with questions or concerns about my workload, an assignment or anything in general.”

“Many people within the firm took a great deal of time to teach, explain and demonstrate various aspects of the law. I felt that I could turn to a number of attorneys for help when needed, and the help would be forthcoming.”

Did you get to work in a lot of practice areas?
I worked in almost every practice area at Baird Holm. If there was one area I was particularly interested in, I could do more in that area than others.”

“I received work from almost every practice area in the firm. This exposure enabled me to see different areas of law and decide what I liked best.”

Did you get to attend client meetings, depositions, etc.?
“I attended an arbitration, a jury trial in federal court, a seminar put on by the Labor and Employment Section and client meetings.”

“I attended several hearings, depositions, conference calls, teleconferences, client meetings and presentations.”


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