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105th Nebraska Legislature, Second Session

on Monday, 22 January 2018 in Dirt Alert: David C. Levy, Editor

The Second Session of the 105th Nebraska Legislature convened on January 3, 2018. This Dirt Alert provides an update on certain bills introduced during days 6-10 of the Session related to economic development, municipal law, real estate, renewable energy, and taxation. A list of all bills we are tracking for days 6-10 is available here. Bills from days 1-5 and those carried-over from the First Session of the 105th Nebraska Legislature are available here.

For days 6-10 of the Session, we have identified six bills warranting particular vigilance. These bills are:

  • LB 967 (eliminating a municipality’s ability to treat undeveloped vacant land and land outside of the city limits—not located within a blighted or substandard area—as redevelopment areas for purpose of tax increment financing);
  • LB 989 (allowing cities of the primary class to act as test markets for autonomous vehicles);
  • LB 1023 (moving up sunset dates for the Nebraska Advantage Act and other tax incentive programs, including the Nebraska Historic Tax Credit);
  • LB 1054 (allowing members of the public to intervene and present evidence as part of the Nebraska Power Review Board’s approval process);
  • LB 1084 (providing sunset dates for certain tax exemptions and incentives, including the Nebraska Historic Tax Credit, and changing other revenue and taxation provisions);
  • LB 1085 (creating 20-year tax increment financing for projects in “extremely blighted” areas).

We will provide summaries of these bills in the coming weeks. Copies of all bills are available on the Nebraska Legislature’s website at Please contact us if you have questions about these bills or any others. Thank you.

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