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2020 Labor Law Forum Series Materials

September 17, 2020

Session 1: Wellness in the Workplace

Session 2: Working During the Pandemic: A New Twist on Old Wage and Hour Issues

September 24, 2020

Session 3: Employment Case Law Update: 99 Problems But the Bench Ain’t One

Session 4: CYBER THREAT 2020: Your Employees are Still Your Weakest Link

October 1, 2020

Session 5: WEED AND WORK: Hashing Out Marijuana Laws

Session 6: COVID-19 Update for Employers

October 8, 2020

Session 7: From Facebook to Firearms: How to Avoid Threats and Violence in the Workplace

Session 8: Ignorance May Not Be Bliss: What You Should Know About OSHA, But Probably Don’t

October 15, 2020

Session 9: Employers Beware: NLRA Ignorance is Not a Defense

Session 10: 2020 California Employment Law Update

October 22, 2020

Session 11: Baby Got Back…To Work! An Employer’s Guide to Accommodating Pregnancy and Family Leave

Session 12: Change in Control: Labor and Employment Law Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions

October 29, 2020

Session 13: Workers’ Compensation: A Guide to Administering Your Claims

Session 14: Americans with Disabilities Act: 2020 Legal Update

November 5, 2020

Session 15: The 2020 Spin on the Form I-9

Session 16: Employee Benefits: 2020 Legal Update


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